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Too often, kids are placed in the middle of family law dispute. At Villarreal Law Firm, LLC in Chillicothe, our goal is to help you reach a resolution through mediation or negotiation, which is less stressful to you and less hurtful to your children. Negotiating a solution now will also help you and your ex create a parenting plan you can both work with.

We handle all types of child custody cases:

  • We represent mothers and fathers who are going through divorce
  • We represent unmarried fathers for custody, visitation, or child support issues
  • We represent unmarried mothers who are seeking child support or who have been served with custody or paternity paperwork
  • We represent grandparents or other third parties who are seeking child custody
  • We represent parents and extended family members in dependency, abuse or neglect actions involving Children’s Services.

There are many different types of child custody arrangements. One parent can have sole or full custody of children, or both parents can have joint child custody. Child custody can be shared 50-50 or according to a more traditional plan where the child has one home base and the other parent has visitation on alternate weekends and holidays. Ohio courts favor frequent contact by both parents unless there is a strong reason, such as abuse, to limit contact with one parent.

Attorney Anna Villarreal will help you negotiate an agreement that meets your goals and protects the best interests of your children. She will explain how child support is determined under Ohio’s guidelines and will show you alternatives that will be personalized for the facts in your case.

We also handle issues that arise after you have a child custody and support order, such as:

  • Relocation
  • Child custody modifications
  • Child support modifications
  • Protection of separate property
  • Enforcement of existing orders

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Child custody issues do not always arise during business hours. During lunch and after business hours, we forward calls to Anna Villarreal‘s cellphone where established clients may choose to call and have their questions answered immediately. To talk to a lawyer about your child custody case, call 740-772-4466 for an appointment or complete or complete our contact form.

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